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Auntie angel grapefruit original

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Auntie angel grapefruit original

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Jul 25, Getty Hello, gentlemen.

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Optional step: Blindfold him. A video ed by Cappercapsen ed August 4th, gained overviews shown below, right.

I tried "grapefruiting" and

I'm sorry. He has to be hard to begin the technique, so start by giving him a regular non-grapefruit blowjob. Carefully slice both navel-ends off. You want it to feel like a sleeve, not a bangle.

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In her video, Angel recommended blindfolding your partner and springing the grapefruit on them as a surprise. A popular video by NovusOrdoNapoleonus ed September 19th,remixed the Grapefruit video with the track "On Sight" by Kanye Westgaining orjginal 1 million views. Spread The video quickly inspired parodies and angl videos. One of the earliest parodies placed the oral sex portion of the video into a scene from South Parkgaining over 38, views shown below, left.

I decided that, for the glory of knowledge and the good of the American people, I had to offer my own boyfriend as a possible sacrifice. If you just took your grapefruit out of the fridge, this is a good grapefrujt to make sure it's at room temperature before too. Men are visual creatures, and unless his dick happens to be a plastic juicer, knowing the truth might weird him out to the point of distraction. Though there oritinal a lot of Internet chatter about the video, and a few interviews with Angel herself, I couldn't find any firsthand s of people who had tried the technique.

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Adjust your grip so that it stays close against his shaft. It's a bit tricky. Also, don't have sex on a tiled floor; you're going to hurt your knees or something. In conclusion, my friends, it would seem as though grapefruiting is an actual thing, and should you ever want to try it out, just know anggel Auntie Angel would be proud of you. Your grapefruit should now be the shape of a thick wheel.

I just wrote that on the Internet, where my stepmother could easily Google it! From the second I put that slice on there, my boyfriend could not get enough of this goddamned grapefruit. Guaranteed to grapefuit you more than your ex. Supposedly, what makes the technique so mind-blowing for men is the sensation of getting a blowjob and having sex at the same time.

Or would he promptly dump me?

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You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Then, I laid down a towel.

So I came home, got my boyfriend, and followed the video's instructions: I chopped off both sides of a grapefruit, so that all that remained was a slice of the center portion. But for some reason, messing around with auntir in bed has always terrified me. Bonus points if you make the iconic sounds that Auntie Angel makes in the video. Of course you do. We may earn commission from links on thisbut we only recommend products we love.

And I have to admit that, as someone who was so hesitant and weirded-out by the idea of incorporating food into sex, licking a penis that tastes like a grapefruit is kind of more exciting than just licking a penis that tastes like penis.

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Continue doing this until he finishes. Zngel exactly the kind of thing that can liven up an evening for longtime couples who have already worked their way through whatever kinks you brought into the relationship. When my mouth got tired and I needed to take a break for a second, he eagerly requested that I keep the grapefruit going as part of a hand job. Organic Ruby Red Grapefruit, amazon. I thought back on all my years reading Pinterest, and realized that this was truly the first time any craft project I had found on the Internet had actually worked out.

There's a totally ridiculous sex move called 'grapefruiting', and you best learn all about it

Even though he didn't feel anything unpleasant in the moment, my boyfriend reported a "mild burning" geapefruit the grapefruit juice in his urethra when he peed afterwards. The video, and in particular the noise Walker makes as she's demonstrating how to perform fellatio, drew media attention in and inspired parodies and reaction videos.

But whatever the reason, I've never had any desire to bring my two great passions together. However, if you value your bedding at all, this tip is incredibly important. Actually, wait, let me rephrase — have you ever wanted to be blindfolded while your girlfriend slides a warm grapefruit up and down your manhood? roiginal

Would he be turned on by the thought of getting off oriyinal a citrus fruit? He also found the grapefruit's coolness "refreshing," and the wetness exciting. If he was blindfolded, tell him to remove the blindfold.

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However, this kinky sex act, known as "grapefruiting," is actually kind of common. So while I can't declare my food sex hangups completely gone, I can percent recommend the grapefruit blowjob. My boyfriend nodded curiously.