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Dorky names

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Dorky names

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Retro-Cool, Hipster, Vintage Baby Names for Boys Author: I strive to provide helpful information, including smart and fun methods for solving everyday problems.

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Zelda is the princess Link is constantly trying to rescue in The Legend of Zelda. So, if you have a baby on the way or are planning ahead, here are some fabulously geeky and brilliantly nerdy baby names for you. Needless to say, the name Harry is timeless with a touch bames destiny thanks to another magical Harry that went by Houdini.

Looking for a list of vintage, retro-cool boys' names? you've found it!

To qualify as a cool Old Man Name, a name has to feel both classic and slightly moth-eaten, like the perfect vintage cardigan. Famous namesakes: English poet John Milton. I am so proud of our rhino conservation work, and I hope we can finally see an increase in their s one day soon. Famous namesakes: Irish actor Emmett Scanlan. Another nice thing about a "vintage" or "retro" name is that you can mine your family tree and name your baby boy dorky a beloved grandfather, great-grandfather, or great-uncle.

It has always been more of a surname, which is why it makes such a unique and fun first name. Famous namesakes: William Wallace, leader during Scottish names of Independence. Rey is the epitome of resilience, taking care of herself without the help of others.

Geeky and nerdy girl names:

And, if you are tired of the ordinary and run-of-the-mill names, why not opt for a nerdy or geeky name for your little one? Charlie: This is a classic English name with origins from the Old English word "ceorl," meaning "man. Today's newest old-fashioned boy names include such relics as Herbert, Harold, and Clyde. Singer Christina Aguilera named her son Max Liron.

Extinct baby names that are so outrageous you would never believe people actually used them

As well as answering questions about why I got into this game? Here are 50 of our favourite common old man names. Famous namesakes: American aviator Wilbur Wright. Boy Names Lists Best Old Man Names Old man names have been fashionable for baby boys for so long now that many of them have morphed into popular baby names: Henry and Samuel rank among the top names in the US, while in the UK, Harry, Leo, and Oscar are all among their most popular baby names.

Superman stands for justice, making it the best name for any boy that stands up for himself as well as his friends on the playground. If you have a little one with big dreams and a lust for all things magical, then Harry might be the perfect selection. She is pure, true and ethereal. Moana is a brave adventurer without any fear of the dorky or anything else for that matter.

This made me want to change my name several times, and where did I look? When you hear the name you may even think of Sarah Jessica Parker, who is a power house in high fashion, always bold with her choices and never boring. I envy that connection, being with a name no one had when I was growing up. The name also refers to the Polynesian Sea God, making the name mythical as well as beautiful. Sebastian: A Latin name that means "venerable. Vengeance drives her, making her someone not to be meddled with.

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Harry is a perfect child in every dokry, selfless, humble, loyal, loving, brave, dorkyy, and of course a dreamer. You can choose a "unique" name without making up something silly, such as Jermajesty, or a meaningless name that sounds like the next arthritis medicine, for example, Breylon. Sounds like a few kids I know. Nicola Conville Nicola Conville has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years across a wide range of print and online publications.

Levi: A Hebrew name that means "ed" or "attached. She was a woman of several talents- a pianist, dork ballerina, an athlete, a college professor and ,of course, an Avenger. This is a Hebrew name that means "Jehovah has healed. Harley is lovable, loyal, bores easily, and yes, flocks towards chaos. A name alone carries so much meaning and a dorky name offers so much more!

Top old-fashioned boy names

Names that sound new, fresh, and exciting eventually become overused, go out of style, or otherwise lose their appeal. Other short forms of the name include Mattie, and Tille, so if Matilda feels a bit too old a name for a baby, and reminds you of your grandma, you can always shorten it to something adorably dorky and unique.

But don't worry, there are plenty more Old Man Names where those came from! Round 2 tomorrow.

Famous namesakes: American film director Oliver Stone. Eli: A Hebrew name meaning "ascended.

71 nerdy and geeky baby names for boys and girls

Deadpool is perhaps one of the doeky characters of the comic book realm. Samuel: A Hebrew name that means "name of God. Selecting a name from geek culture gives a role model from the start, someone to look up to and feel a connection with.

Wade Wilson, aka. Pulled from SI shoot. Peter Parker is the original dork-to-riches tale. With a name like this your child is sure to be creative doeky observant.

Leaving fiction behind a moment, Harry is also the name of a British Prince! Her areas of expertise are parenting, health and travel.

Retro-cool, hipster, vintage baby names for boys

He knew how to work words and manipulate the senses. Dorky parents make dorky kids, myself included!

Captain Kirk is a born leader and a voracious explorer, in other words this is a perfect name for dorkt curious little guy in search of tiny adventures. Geeky names have really taken over in the past few years, but we are well beyond the Bellas, Edwards and Jacobs! Ravens are symbols of transformation, which is probably why it's such a popular name for comic book heroines.