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Sharks high on cocaine

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Sharks high on cocaine

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But when you do, be prepared for something a little strange to happen. Researchers in Switzerland have recently discovered that when zebrafish are given the white stuff, it bypasses their brains and accumulates in their eyes. Though this might not sound like a world-changing revelation, it could actually have a major impact on the way that cocqine medicines are studied in the future.

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The trio used cocaine bails as flotation devices, according to authorities.

The great white high: mexican navy finds cocaine smuggled in sharks

A wastewater treatment plant cleans the bulk of contaminants from the wastewater which arrives from sources ranging from household wastes to chemical plants prior to discharging the water into the river. The eels are vulnerable to trace concentrations of cocaine, particularly in their early lives, according to the researchers of a study published in Science of the Total Environment. President Felipe Calderon has tasked 45, troops and federal police with crushing the powerful smuggling cartels responsible for a surge in violence across the country that has spilled over coccaine US states such as Arizona, creating concern in Washington.

Though this might not sound like a world-changing revelation, it could actually have a major impact on the way that new medicines are studied in the future. Led by Mexico's most bigh man, Joaquin "Shorty" Guzman, smugglers from the Pacific state of Sinaloa are fighting a turf war with rivals over smuggling routes into the US. But when you do, be prepared for something a little strange to happen.

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Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Administering a Drug Test Capaldo and her colleagues put eels into water with very small levels of cocaine—about the same as that found in some rivers.

Tumaco is one of the main ports for drugs exiting Colombia bound for Central America and the U. These problems were even around after an enforced day rehab period in which the researchers removed the eels from water with cocaine. The Colombian Navy said in a news release the trio was found adrift on high seas about 30 nautical cpcaine off the town of Tumacofloating aharks sacks of different sizes that were similar to those used by drug traffick ers.

Eastern Seaboard. However, reporting their findings in the shsrks Toxicological Sciencesthe study authors provide clear evidence that some drugs — in this case cocaine — do not have the same effect on zebrafish as they do on mammals. Follow him on Twitter travfed Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays.

Something weird happens when you give cocaine to fish

Scientists recently published a study on how illicit drugs affect eels, and found that cocaine in their environment could potentially affect their migration, and the survival of the species. Fox News Flash top headlines for Oct. This means that any data obtained using fish may not in fact be relevant to humans, thereby ruling out cofaine possibility of using certain marine species to study drugs. Authorities said the men had cocanie. Masked naval officers cut open more than 20 carcasses filled with slabs of cocaine after checking a cargo ship in a container port in the state of Yucatan.

Illegal drug residues in the water could be affecting native fish.

New research from McGill shows that wastewater discharged from wastewater treatment plants in the Grand River shakrs of southern Ontario has the potential to contaminate sources of drinking water with these drugs. Check out what's sharkd on Foxnews. Holden Cup player Jesse Savage was charged with possessing 1.

Moreover, many of the drugs were not removed completely during drinking water treatment. The muscle of the fish also showed swelling and even breakdowns, and the hormones that regulate their physiology changed. Related: "Slime Eels" explode all over a highway.

River eels are getting high on cocaine and humans are to blame

The study authors suggest this is because it acts like an anaesthetic when it comes into contact with the skin, gills, and peripheral nervous system. Create Related Stories. However, the cocaine had accumulated in various parts of the animals' bodies and caused damage. Eels are adapted and used to a very specific set of behaviors, and any change in their bodies could disrupt their behaviors.

Some 2, people have died in drug violence in Mexico this year, a rate similar to last year, when 6, were killed. Eels curl up in a bucket in the polders surrounding the Southern Dutch Village of Numansdorp. Keogh said he stood down as Sharks chairman to distance them from the issue. Linking drugs of abuse in wastewater to contamination of surface and drinking water.

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Otherwise, they appeared in good health. Armada De Colombia Officials released a photo of the three men surrounded by dozens of bricks. At some distance downstream in the river, a drinking water treatment plant then further treat the water prior to consumption.

No subscription required. The incident is another cocaien to the image of the club, which spent the weekend placating worried sponsors after Keogh's arrest for drugs possession ckcaine a pub in Woolloomooloo on Friday night following a long lunch. But their bodies told a different story. While the eels are also farmed for food, the wild population is considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to dams and other waterway changes that block their migrations, overfishing, and different types of water pollution.

The year-old fronted the media on Monday for the first time since his arrest.

The trouble is European eels need to build up fat before their migration to the Sargasso Sea to breed, and higher levels of cortisol could delay the timing of this journey. The increased dopamine levels from cocaine can make it take longer for them to reach sexual maturity.

They let the animals live for 50 days in the coke-water, and then let them detox for 10 days in coke-free water. Travis Shaks is a reporter for FoxNews. And while societies have long grappled with ways to cope with the use of illicit drugs, less understood are the downstream effects these drugs might have on other species after they enter the aquatic environment through wastewater.

Metcalfe, Viviane Yargeau. The swollen and degraded muscles could higj it difficult for them to migrate to the breeding ground. Segura, Tamanna Sultana, Chris D. Daniel Snowthe director of the Water Sciences Laboratory at the Highh of Nebraska, who was not involved in this research, is skeptical the problem will be solved by stopping illicit drug use.

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A search is continuing for a fourth man who was reported to be on the boat when it capsized, according to the Navy. Share on Reddit reddit Om Cronulla Sharks have been rocked by another cocaine scandal just 72 hours after chairman Damian Keogh was charged with drug possession. She also notes that increased dopamine levels the eels experienced on cocaine could also stop them from reaching sexual maturity. The highly regarded young footballer suffered a season-ending knee injury in round three of clcaine competition in March.