Complete Guide: How To Setup Acestream Broadcast On Your PC


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Ace Stream is a stream broadcast via P2P (peer-to-peer) networking, which relies on the upload of all viewers to remain stable. Generally speaking, the more viewers, the more stable the stream. This, of course, depends on each user's bandwidth.

The usage of acestream has increased heavily since it was created in 2013 w under the name TorrentStream as a pilot project to use BitTorrent technology to stream live video. I believe almost everyone knows how to watch a live stream with an acestream link, so this guide will be focused on how to setup an acetstream link for others to watch.

  1. Acestream software, you can download it from the official acestream website here
  2. Atleast a 15mbps stable connection, use to check.
  3. Windows OS.
  4. IPTV package.
  • Launch the acestream software, then an acestream icon will be shown at the bottom right corner in your taskbar.
  • Right click on the icon and click on "Broadcasting". You should get something like this:

  • On the next page, you have 4 fields to fill up. Set SOURCE (MPEG-TS HTTP STREAM) to the IPTV link you have. e.g You can easily set the category, name and description to anything you want .
  • Click on advanced options if you want to set bitrates and other more technical controls.
  • Finally click "Create Stream".
  • You will be taken to a page that will have a countdown of 60seconds, wait for it and your acestream will be live and the acestream link will be generated.
  • From here you can share out the acestream link as acestream://c9a85b5d29f62dd690717c6299f687111cf6bbbf and they will be able to watch the live stream.
Without a good and stable internet connection, the stream would break often, so a solid speed is required. So that's all you need to setup an acestream link for yourself. Post any issues you have below and I will try my best to see a solution to it.


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Incredible effort to put this up!
Informative as well, I will stick this on homepage for a while so streamers who aren't aware and prospective streamers can learn this.
Grazzie! ;)(y)